December On December 11th we celebrated Christmas. The students were all dressed up with costumes and make up. For weeks they had practiced different dances and a Christmas play and now they all performed. It was a day with lots of fun for the students as well as the staff and some of the parents […]

The 14th of November is in India declared as Children’s Day. It is the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who fought for India’s freedom and was much loved among the children. At Intact’s Nursery and Primary school we were in charge of the children’s day celebration this year and organized a “Fiskedamm” […]

October Vanakkam!  As we mentioned earlier we conduct spoken English classes for the teachers Mondays-Thursdays. Every class is between 30 -45 minutes and every week we have different topics. The goal of the spoken English class is to improve the teachers spoken and written English but also to encourage the use of English among the […]

  We are three girls that are volunteer working/ doing our internship at Intact in Kalryan hills. Here you can read about our stay: (Hanna, Elna, Nareshkumar (son to the cook), Philippa)   Everyday life School is open Monday-Friday and sometimes also on Saturdays. The day starts at 9.30 am with morning assembly, and ends […]

Today it was time to say goodbye to all of these people (and then the hostel girls are missing):  and this view:   We’ve had a fantastic experience and I will write in a day or two to ‘sum up’ a bit.     

Annual exams started yesterday at Intact Nursery & Primary School. First out was English. All classes, from Lower Kindergarten to fifth standard sit the exams, which are in all 5 main subjects and they do one subject a day. They get 2 hours to answer the questions in the exam sheet which contains 4 A4 pages. […]

On the 29th it was time for Annual Day at the hostel. The girls had put together a selection of dances and built a stage in their hall which was beautifully decorated. With the introductions the two SDMs – Representatives of the girls in project meetings – were introduced. This is an important statement in […]

What a day! The children had been practicing for weeks to be able to offer dance, skits, reciting of poems and rhymes in a colourful show. In the morning the obligatory flowers were painted. The guest started arriving and we had a hall full of children, parents, grandparents, siblings and the TLF team (project leader/management […]

Thursday the 21st we had a whole day Sport Day at the school and it was a fun-filled day with a variety of competitions based on the children’s ages of the children. LKG got to move stones from one end to the other UKG moved water with their hands from a bucket at one end […]

4th grade had an English text about global warming which started with a news clip about the volcano on Island in 2012. We thought it might be fun to do a good old science project with some baking soda and vinegar. we used some sand as the actual volcano and the children put themselves at […]